About Gembyr's Mark Maglin

Mark Maglin, Gemologist


Meet Mark Maglin, a a second generation industry expert and Graduate Gemologist from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in California, Mark has had a lifelong interest in the jewelry trade and has been buying jewelry for over 30 years.

Safety, Simplicity & Satisfaction, The Gembyr Way

Mark has been associated with AGS (American Gem Society) for over 20 years throughout his career and maintains the highest standards of trustworthiness.

Honest, Informed & Upfront Pricing

Prices of diamonds and precious metals vacillate regularly, and Mark stays on top of all fluctuations in the trade so you are assured of receiving the most straightforward honest price for your jewelry and diamonds sold to Gembyr.

Understanding Your Needs & Reasons To Sell

If you are looking for a non-judgement based appraisal contact Mark Today! While we have 2 secure locations in New Hampshire for you to bring your Jewlery or Diamonds, Mark can travel to you to help facilitate in Jewelry estate sales & liquidations, of if you feel most secure in your home, we are happy to accomododate. Even if you are uncertain that we will accept a broken diamond or gold band contact us today! Even if in the end we need to salvage the piece, you will always get the best price for your jewelry & wares.

Contact a Diamond Trader

Allow Mark to give you a personal assessment of the value of your diamonds, gold and jewelry by calling today for a private no-obligation appointment. Please feel free to call Mark directly at  1-603-828-1144 or fill our our quick and easy contact form for answers to any of your old Gold, Diamond, or Jewelry questions.