Mark Maglin, Gemologist

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine how much my diamond is worth?

A professional diamond buyer determines the diamond’s four C's [Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat weight]. They also look at the market trends for the stone’s shape and overall minor and significant wear on the stone. If it is mounted, they look at the value of the metal it is set in. This, in turn, allows him/her to place a value on the article of jewelry or stone.

Can I sell my stones if they are damaged?

Yes, we buy chipped and broken stones. Damaged stones require full recut or repair by a professional diamond cutter. Even a chip on one side of the diamond will usually require the stone’s entire diameter to decrease to keep the center point of the stone from being out of the center. This will result in a reduction of the weight of the stone.
If this weight loss brings the stone under a plateau weight, such as a 1.00ct, it could reduce the value 25-35%. If it has more than just a small damaged area, the loss could be significant. Not all damage is that impactful on price, and regardless of lost weight, there is still value to damaged stones. We will make an offer on most damaged stones!

How will I receive payment for my diamonds?

A check will be issued upon agreement of sale.

What are the four “C’s”?

Cut: The precision of aligning the facets to create the best prism possible. GIA gives a diamond one of the following cut grades: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor.
Color: The color scale starts at D and goes to Z for white and tinted yellow and brown diamonds. These ranges refer to the saturation of color, whether it be yellow-brown or grey. Within their ranges, they will visually display subtle to almost indiscernible color differences to the grade above or below it.
Clarity: Refers to the number, size, location, and reflective nature of internal inclusions and external blemishes on the stone. The more inclusions there are in a well-cut stone, the more light that is blocked from escaping, thus reducing a certain degree of Brilliance and fire.
Carat Weight: The carat weight refers to the pounds and ounces of the stone or literal weight of the stone on a scale. Diamonds are weighed in points and carats [100 points = 1.00 carat =200 milligrams. Like pennies to a dollar]. Early diamond traders used Carob seeds as a form of weight measurement as these seeds were a uniform weight equal to 200 milligrams, thus establishing the current weight measurement of diamonds today.

What precious gems will you buy?

We will buy most diamonds and diamond jewelry along with precious color stones.

What is the difference between a certified and uncertified diamond?

Independent diamond laboratories such as GIA and AGS produce unbias diamond reports for the industry, which evaluates a given stone’s four C's. This evaluation is called a Certification or Cert. A buyer or appraiser can apply an opinion of value based on the certification of that stone. If there is no certification, a buyer must perform the task of evaluating the four C's. Of course, the more educated and experienced the buyer is, the more accurate the assessment of the four C's that can be made.

What platinum and gold items will you buy?

In addition to diamonds and gemstones, we will offer to buy any gold or platinum jewelry regardless of condition. Our in-person offers will be highly competitive! No phone offers will be disgusted.

What COVID precautions will be taken when I visit?

All current CDC recommendations will be followed.

How do you ensure a safe process?

We provide a highly visible downtown location with one-on-one appointments and no one looking over your back.