Mark Maglin, Gemologist

Giving Your Jewelry A Second Life

What does it mean to give your jewelry a second life? It can mean a variety of things depending on your specific circumstance, as well as the plans that you have for said jewelry. When it comes to old or broken jewelry, an individual can take a few different routes, such as repairing damaged accessories, or even getting your items appraised to sell as is; regardless of the current condition.

Reasons To Sell Old Or Broken Jewelry

When it comes to selling jewelry, we all have our own reasons. Whether you are getting rid of a bunch of old earrings, or gold bracelets you no longer wear, clearing out a relatives belongings for an estate sale, or if you are short on cash; Gembyr is here to provide a simple & straightforward experience with no judgement. As one of the leading Gemologists in New Hampshire, Mark Maglin takes pride in his work and maintains a high level of standards and trustworthiness by proving honest pricing for any jewlery or diamonds that come through our door.

Loose Diamonds & Stones

If you have loose diamonds or other valuable gemstones that you aren't quite sure what to do with, Gembyr is here to help simplify the process! Diamonds and stones are our speciality!

Items that We Accept

Below is a common list of items that we accept:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Estate Liquidations (complete lots and by the piece)
  • Loose diamonds of all shapes—both GIA certified and those without certificates
  • Broken diamonds
  • Signed jewelry
  • Estate & Contemporary jewelry
  • Jewelry in good condition plus broken and worn out jewelry items

If you are interested in selling an item but do not see it on the list please call to see how Mark can assist you best.

Finding A Good Home For Your Jewelry

Regardless of your reasons for deciding that it is time to part with a piece of jewelry, we will do our very best to make it a warm and welcoming experience. As a global wholesaler, we are able to source & sell a variety of diamonds and materials needed to repair any broken jewelry or loose diamonds, so that one day it be can be resold and added to a collection that someone will love equally, if not more!

The Gembyr Difference

Gembyr differs from a pawn shop in the sense that we only want the best for your and your accessories, because we understand there is a story behind every piece. We understand that this sentiment builds value and can make it incredibly difficult to part with a family heirloom or item of significance.

Safety, Simplicity & Satisfaction

We understand how difficult it can be to part with an item of sentimental value, but we are happy to help in the decision making process at one of our secured locations in New Hampshire. If you have damaged jewlery, diamonds, or gold accessories,contact Mark today for a free consultation or appraisal you can also contact Mark by email or calling today at 1-603-828-1144.