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Gold Jewelry


Gold jewelery can come in many shapes forms, styles, karats and so on! Since gold has been utilized in jewelery & decorative purposes for centuries; based on the time when the piece was crafted as well as the specifications of the original owner, the style / valye can vary greatly!Gold jewlery has also maintained its value over time as it never tarnishesand has great workability.


Depending on the level of purity, gold jewelery can come in a variety of karats; which is determined by the amount of additional alloyed metals to increase the durability since gold alone is generally too soft to used for jewelry. Gold karats are broken down into 24 parts, pure gold is 24 karats!

Types of Gold

Yellow Gold:
Yellow Gold is one of the purest colors as gold naturally has a yellowish hue. Yellow gold gets its color from the added metal alloys such as copper, silver & gold. Yellow gold is hyperallergenic & requires little maintenance.

White Gold:
White Gold is a great contemporary option as the silvery appearance can make the jewelery a bit more appealing! White gold is made by mixing gold with alloys such as copper, zinc, and platinum!

Rose Gold:
Rose Gold is quite similar to yellow gold, however to get this beautiful hue, more copper is used in the mixing process with the addition of silver. The higher copper content in gold jewelry piece will determine if the shade is darker or brighter.

Black Gold:
Black Gold is not actually "black" per say, it is merely white gold plated with a black rhodium. Rhodium is a chemical elemement that gives gold a shiny allure.

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