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Gold Jewelry


Gold jewelry has been crafted for thousands of years. In the beginning, most of the jewelry was made in its purest state, 24k. Over time, gold has been mixed with a variety of non-precious metals such as copper, silver & nickel to change its color and hardness, allowing the maker more options to achieve a desired look. The standard percentage of minimum alloys ranges as you travel the world. In the United States the most common options are listed below.


At every level of purity, there is an array of quality of craftsmanship that directly effects the appeal and therefore the value of jewelry items. Specific designers will also add value to pieces as well!

Types of Gold

Yellow Gold:
The most traditional color that is closest to the mined natural yellow hue. Yellow gold is hyper-allergenic medal and malleable in nature. A 24k bead, the size of a pea, can be hammered into a six-foot disc

White Gold:
White Gold is achieved by mixing nickel with gold to give it a dull white color. Through a Rhodium finishing process, the blended gold is transformed into a bright white finish that has been popular for decades in bridal and fashion jewelry today.

Rose Gold:
Rose Gold is achieved by blending silver and copper to give its color. The higher copper content in gold jewelry piece will determine if the shade of pink.

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