Mark Maglin, Gemologist

How To Sell Loose Diamonds, Gemstones & Full Jewelry Pieces

Have you been cleaning out that old jewelry box and stumbled across some old unwanted pieces of jewelry or loose stones? Regardless of the worth, age, style & cut; many homeowners may wonder what do they do with these old jewelry pieces or loose stones? Read our blog for more information on what the next best move is in terms of determining the worth, and best course of action in regard to cashing out!

Find The Value of The Stones & Jewelry

Unless you have spent 20 years in the gemology industry, to the untrained eye you will not able to assume the worth of said diamond, gemstone, or piece of jewelry. For the inexperienced, the best bet is to find a fair market price for your items. This basically an appraisers insight on the value of an item in regards to what a buyer would offer to a seller. This information can help determine if it is better to sell an item off, or potentially keep it in the family.

When it comes to appraisals it is always wise to get a 3rd party opinion.

Be Ready To Sell The Piece & The Memories

Diamonds and gemstones are most often associated with forever lasting love, which is not always the case. Situations like these can make it difficult to part with a sentimental piece of jewelry as there are often memories attached. For better or worse it is important to weight the options and be 100% certain that selling is the best move forward. It is important to remember that while this piece means the world to you, it is just a piece of jewelry to someone else!


Whether you have loose diamonds, gemstones, or complete pieces the questions is not so much if it is better to sell it as loose stones as more often than not a gem buyer will normally recycle every aspect of the piece.

TL:DR if you are selling a jewelry piece it will probably end up being taken apart if the value is greater than the piece itself. At the end of the day it is important to make any sentimental decision based on how you feel about the piece, not just about what it can offer financially!

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