How to Sell Your Gold Jewelry

Mark Maglin, Gemologist

Many people have old, unwanted gold jewelry around the house. These pieces are often collecting dust in an old box or drawer. There are also other valuable gold pieces, including coins that have been collected or inherited over the years. Gold is timeless and always a valuable investment. Many potential buyers will purchase your unwanted gold jewelry, but its essential to consider several factors before making a sale. The following informational guide contains everything you need to know about your gold, how to choose a reputable buyer, and where to sell your gold jewelry for the highest rate possible.

Examine Your Jewelry

It is essential to examine your piece as a whole before attempting to sell it. Gold buyers are only interested in the gold and metals inside the gold. They will not compensate you for any additional jewelry components, including gems, stones, or diamonds. You may want to consider taking a different route to sell your jewelry rather than a gold buyer if it contains other valuable components. This is because your piece may be worth more as a whole than if you were to sell the gold separately.

See a Reputable Appraiser

You must carefully select which company to sell your jewelry because not all will give you a fair price. Visit a reputable jeweler to determine how much your gold is worth with an appraisal. You can also ask for an honest opinion regarding the value of any gems or stones.

Do Not Settle

It would help if you visited several businesses before accepting an offer for your gold. Do not be afraid to bargain or turn down insufficient offers. If you are selling a substantial amount of gold, it may be wise to consult several goldsmiths in your area for consults. This will increase the chance that buyers will offer competitive prices for your pieces.

Avoid Schemes

Avoid selling your gold to any online fast cash schemes. If an offer seems too good to be true, too simple, or possesses any other red flags, do not sell your gold. Be sure that the potential gold buyer has a legitimate business and reputation in the gold buying industry.

Consider the Current Economy

It is wise to consider the value of gold in the current economy. The value of gold is ever-changing. If the value is down, it may be wise to wait for the value to increase.

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