Mark Maglin, Gemologist

Is It A Good Idea To Sell Inherited Jewelry

Receiving an inheritance from a loved one is generally looked on as a pleasant experience. After all, now you have an item or two that can remind you of the person you lost and you’ll have something to pass on to your own children in the future, creating a family heirloom.

But sometimes we can find ourselves in a tricky spot where we may not care for the item given to us or we may find more value in selling the item. Jewelry, in particular, is one category that many people find tricky to deal with. Inherently valuable jewelry can be tempting to sell, but this can cause some conflicting feelings in recent recipients. If you’re wondering whether it is a good idea to sell your inherited or heirloom jewelry, keep reading for a few questions you should ask yourself before you sell.

Do You Love the Piece?

This is perhaps the easiest way to tell if you should sell your inherited jewelry. If you love the piece of jewelry, regardless of value or the person who left it to you, keeping it is probably your best option. If you love it, you’re more likely to wear it, and getting use out of the item makes it a worthwhile item to hang on to. If you will wear it, keep it.

Did You Love the Person?

Even if you aren’t in love with the style of the jewelry or even if it is not very valuable, your connection to the person who left it to you could be reason enough to not sell it. It will provide a physical reminder of the person, calling to your mind your special relationship with your grandmother or father. You never have to wear the piece; simply seeing it on your dresser each morning will be enough to remind you of your loved one.

Who Would Love It More?

Let’s say that you are not in love with the jewelry itself, and you would rather see it get some use instead of being hidden away in a drawer somewhere. It is quite possible that another family member will not only love the item but might also love the chance to have a physical item from your deceased loved one. Before selling your heirloom jewelry, it’s a good idea to ask around the family and see if anyone wants the item first.

Can You Change It Up?

If you inherited a lovely diamond and sapphire ring from your dear aunt’s third engagement but you hate the style of it, it might be possible to take it to a jeweler to have the stones fitted into a new setting or a new piece of jewelry altogether. Maybe those sapphires might look better in a pair of understated earrings instead of a gaudy ring. This might cost you a bit, but you’ll be able to save the memories and the stones.

Do You Feel Good About Selling?

Sometimes people inherit items from long-lost family members to whom they have no real connection. Thus, the piece doesn’t summon up happy memories, and if it is not the recipient’s personal style, there’s really no use for it. In cases like this, if you feel good about the prospect of selling the item, it might be the best thing to do. If you feel no twinge of guilt when considering selling it, you’re good to go.

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