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Platinum is a durable naturally occurring element that has grown in popularity with jewelers in regards to engagement rings, wedding bands, & other various jewelry styles as the naturally white coloration of platinum will never fade or change color. Due to its long lasting effects platinum is quickly growing as the "symbol of enduring & everlasting love!"


Depending on the level of purity, platinum jewelery can be crafted with a variety of purity levels. The purity level is determined by the exact percentage of alloys that have been added to the base platinum mix!

Sources Of Platinum

Osmium is a naturally occurring alloy of iridium and osmium which can be found in platinum-bearing rivers which can be found in Russia, as well as North America & South America

Iridium can be found with platinum in alluvial deposits. An alluvial deposit is simply a fancy word for clay or silt runoff where a river slows down and deposits valuable materials. It is also a byproduct of nickel mining and processing.

Ruthenium is generally found in ores within outher platinu group metals, it can also be found in Russia, North America & South America.

Rhodium has great value to jewelers because it occurs in ores mixed with other elements such as palladium, silver, platinum, and gold. Rhodium can be found in the Ural Mountains, North & South America.

Palladium can be found as a free metal and can be alloyed with platinum & gold in select deposits in Eurasia, Australia, Ethiopia, South & North America.

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