Mark Maglin, Gemologist

Popular Gemstones and Their Value

Gemstones are the perfect examples of how miraculous nature can be. These rare stones are pieces of mineral crystal or rock that are formed within the earth. These stones have been used since ancient times to make jewelry or decorative pieces. Gemstones come in a vast range of unique colors and are valued highly in the jewelry industry today. Let’s discuss some of the most popular gems and what they are valued at.


Emerald is known around the world for its rich and lustrous green tone. The unique green gem has been described to relieve stress and give comfort to those who look at it. Emeralds date back to ancient Egypt and were worn by the royal figure, Cleopatra. The month of May was assigned Emerald as its birthstone.


Emerald is valued at between $525 and $1,125 per carat on average. The price of this stone increases the fewer imperfections it has. The highest known selling price of an emerald was $305,000 per carat.


Ruby is another well-known gemstone featuring a deep saturated red hue. You can find this stone in a range of colors, from light pink to dark red. The ruby is associated with intense emotions of love, anger, and passion. Ancient cultures thought the ruby held the power of life because the color resembled blood. This highly precious stone belongs to the birth month of July.


The value of a ruby varies depending on the color and treatment of the stone. The average price of a single carat of ruby ranges from $450 - $650, but prices are often much higher. The most expensive ruby ever sold came in at $1.8 million per carat.


Unlike the other precious gemstones, Tanzanite does not date back to ancient times as far as we know. This stone was discovered in 1967 and is only found in a specific location in Tanzania. The deep violet-blue color is what makes this gem so unique. Tanzanite is one of the birthstones assigned to those born in December.


Many believe this stone is far undervalued compared to how rare it is. Tanzanite’s value is said to skyrocket in the coming years because the supply is depleting quickly because of these stones’ single known location. The highest known price for a single carat of tanzanite is $1,200. The average value of a carat is under $200.

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