Diamond Jewelry

Sell Your Unwanted Diamonds and Jewelry

The process of selling diamonds or diamond jewelry can be stressful. Here at Gembyr, we are dedicated to making  the process quick, simple, and as safe as possible. We guarantee a fair price and honest quotes, and immediate payment.

 Mark Maglin, a certified gemologist appraiser and graduate of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) with over 35 years of buying experience, will assess the diamond or jewelry’s current condition. He will appraise the condition and marketability of your jewelry and make an offer. A majority of diamonds, regardless of condition, have value even in a damaged state. You can make an appointment to come into our Portsmouth location, or on exceptional circumstances, we can come to you.

What Diamonds We Buy


We specialize in purchasing round diamonds that are GIA certified between 0.50ct to 5.00ct. With that said, we will offer a price to purchase most shapes and sizes, including uncertified diamonds and even damaged diamonds. You will be given a fair quote to buy based on our findings. Bring your jewelry in, with certification if you have it, for quality inspection and pricing.

Estate Diamonds

Estate jewelry are pieces considered to be second-hand or pre-owned. These pieces are often vintage(from several periods or eras) or antique( at least 100 years old). The style, condition, and quality will be assessed, and a competitive offer will be given.

Jewelry Containing Diamonds and Color Stones

We will accept all forms of diamond and color stone jewelry from good condition to poor, worn out, or broken condition. Most color stones get scratches and chips once worn, which could render the piece only as valuable as the gold or platinum it is set in. There is still value in virtually all precious metal (10k, 14k, 18k, and platinum) jewelry regardless of condition.

How We Assess Diamonds

We evaluate the condition and value of your diamond using these significant factors:

Our Personalized Service

We will work with you individually from start to finish, from scheduling an appointment, meeting with a diamond expert, explaining our offer, and make immediate payment. We understand the decision to part with old jewelry may simply be to help finance a new purchase, get rid of old out-of-date styles, or be maybe because of divorce. Regardless of your situation, you will be in an environment that puts you and your business in a private setting with no one looking over your shoulder. Please  contact us at 603.828.1144 to schedule an appointment today.