Mark Maglin, Gemologist

Selling Fine Jewelry

Whether you’ve got a box full of heirloom jewelry, a high fashion but outdated bracelet, or an expensive gift that just isn’t to your tastes, selling your fine jewelry can be a daunting process. To avoid unnecessary haggling or inappropriate offers, you’ll need to know a few things. Keep reading for three great tips for selling fine jewelry the right way.

Know Your Jewelry

Even if your piece of jewelry has been passed down through several generations, there might not be a lot known about the piece. What you have been told is sapphire may have been blue zircon all along! To prevent any nasty surprises when you’re ready to sell, take your jewelry to a certified appraiser. They’ll be able to determine the materials used and possibly a little history of the item.

As the appraiser looks at your item, they’ll be able to give you the retail replacement value. In other words, they’ll tell you how much it would cost now at market price. Keep in mind, though, that the retail value is not always what buyers are willing to pay, especially if the piece is outdated or in bad shape.

Know How to Sell

Selling your fine jewelry and getting a price you are happy with comes down to how quickly you need to sell the item. The sooner you wish to sell, the lower the price you are likely to see. Sales to pawn shops or individuals are immediate and will get you cash quickly, but when selling this way, make sure to do a bit of research into various shops to find one that will pay the best price.

If you have more time and don’t need to sell your jewelry right away, research other ways to sell. Make a few calls to local jewelers or contact your appraiser; many of them also purchase jewelry in addition to appraising. You might also need to take more time to have your piece cleaned and repaired, which will help raise the offering price.

Know What to Expect

Selling your jewelry is based on what the item is worth – not how strong your connection is to it. Don’t forget that jewelers or pawn shops won’t care how long it’s been in the family; sentimental value means little for reselling jewelry. To avoid any undue disappointment, have a minimum price that you will accept already in mind when you begin to shop around for buyers. Again, an appraisal will help give you a realistic expectation.

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