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Selling Loose Diamonds In New Hampshire

If you are a New Hampshire resident that has a variety of loose gemstones, or diamonds laying around, now is a perfect time to go through your collection and let go of any pieces that you no longer wear. This can also be beneficial if you are in need of financial assistance and are looking for the best offer possible on your loose diamonds in New Hampshire.

When it comes to selling loose diamonds, finding a reputable expert that can not only give you a fair price, but also someone that will give you best price possible is important. Read our blog for a few tips to help you feel confident that you are making the right choice when it comes to selling loose diamonds.

How Are Diamonds Valued?

Knowing key details on your loose diamond can greatly simplify the process and get you the most accurate price possible. Before reaching our to a gemologist, or diamond buyer, be sure to find out the exact carat weight, color, clarity and cut in order to determine the true value of your diamond.

Trust A GIA Certified Graduate

If you are looking to speak with an individual who is a certified expert in Gemology then searching for a GIA Certified Gemologist is your best bet in terms of receiving an accurate upfront appraisal for your diamonds or gems. A GIA Certified Gemologist is trained on The grading scales that were created by the GIA and are seen as the leading industry norm for grading diamond quality. Curious about more diamond resources? Click Here!

Avoid Cash For Gold & Fast Cash Options

If you are looking to get the most out of a loose diamond or gemstone it is advised to steer clear of any pawn shops, cash for gold locations, or quick cash payouts as these will generally result in low offers. You are generally going to get a low price offered as a pawn shop will need to resel the item, and giving an individal a good deal means lower profit margins on their end. By going to a pawn shop, the diamond may also be graded improperly which can create a false idea of the diamonds true value

Avoid Digital Transactions

With the rise of digital accessibility, digital transactions have become commonplace. Even if it may be a genuine offer, it is okay to be weary of accepting digital payment due to fraud or theft related reasons. If you want to stay secure, meeting in person with a professional is always going to be the safest decision when dealing with diamonds.

Do Your Research

This section is more of a summary of the items listed above, it is important to do the necessary research and due dilligence on local diamond buyers to ensure that you are making the best decisions possible, with the right knowlege at hand.

Contact A Local Gemologist Today!

If you have old orbroken jewelry, loose diamonds or gemstones to sell, our team can help! We’ll offer you the best rates at the fairest possible cost for all of your old and broken jewelry items. If you have damaged jewlery, diamonds, or gold accessories, contact Mark today for a free consultation or appraisal you can also contact Mark by email or calling today at 1-603-828-1144.