Mark Maglin, Gemologist

The Benefit of Jewelry Appraisals

If you own valuable jewelry that you are looking at selling or keeping for a future inheritance for family members, getting an updated appraisal is a crucial part of making sure you know exactly what that jewelry is worth. If you are wondering if spending the money to get an appraisal on those pieces is worth it, here are a few benefits that you should consider in your decision.

Insurance Information

If you own expensive jewelry (or anything of value), you should get it insured. As with anything you need insurance for, your carrier will need to know the value of it. An in-depth appraisal will be able to help you understand the worth of your pieces according to the current market. Having an appraisal completed on a regular basis will make sure you get the best value for your jewelry if something were to happen to it. Having an appraisal at the ready will also make the settlement process go much more smoothly than without it.

Update the Condition

Unless your jewelry is something that you wear regularly, you might not be aware of its current condition. Having an appraisal completed by a professional will help identify anything wrong with the piece, such as loose stones, weak settings, or faulty clasps. A jewelry appraisal will bring attention to anything that has gone awry with the piece’s condition so that you can have it repaired.

Learn the History

If you inherited the jewelry in question, you might not know anything about it other than it used to belong to your great-great-grandmother. An appraisal done by a competent individual will help you learn about the history of the piece, such as who made the piece, where it might have come from, whether it’ a one-of-a-kind or a replica, and even whether it has a famous past connection.

Learn About the Materials

You might think that the ring you were given contains a genuine sapphire, but a jewelry appraisal will help you know for sure. A thorough appraisal will include a study of the type of gem used and what precious metals were used. This way, you can be assured of the actual overall value of the item based on the materials used in its making.

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