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What to do with old jewelry

If you’re like most women, chances are you have a few pieces of jewelry that you don’t wear very often but can’t bring yourself to get rid of. And since jewelry is such a high-value item, you can’t simply donate it to the local thrift store. Luckily, there are several things you can do with old jewelry that don’t involve selling or giving it away. Whether you have an heirloom piece that’s not your style, an engagement ring that needs a boost, or an earring that has lost its other half, here are three great ideas for what to do with your old jewelry.

Upgrade It

It’s not uncommon for recently engaged couples to choose a small, simple engagement ring that will be upgraded in the future. When the time comes, you can bring your item to a high-quality jeweler to have the diamonds replaced with larger ones. This is a great way to celebrate an anniversary and memorialize the couple’s life together thus far.

Upgrading jewelry isn’t just for engagement rings, though. Any piece of jewelry can be upgraded in terms of stone, stone size, or improved clasps. So if you have a necklace from your grandmother that you love but that you would wear more if it had a larger emerald, you could upgrade the stone to your liking.

Gold Exchange and Trade-ins

If you’ve received a piece of jewelry that you know will stay hidden away in your jewelry box, there’s no point in keeping it. Instead, you can use the piece to exchange for something you will wear. There are two main ways to do this.

First, you can use the gold exchange option. If the piece is made of good gold, platinum, or some other precious metal, you can remove any stones and exchange the metal for its part of the cost of a new piece. That way, you get to put the metal back to good use and purchase something you like better with the money from the exchange.

The other option is a whole item trade-in. For this option, you’ll want to have your piece appraised by a certified appraiser so that you know what you can expect to receive from the trade. Keep in mind that these prices will generally be determined by the market price of the materials used, not sentimental or artistic value.

Bespoke Redesign

If you can’t bring yourself to get rid of any items regardless of the trade value, even though you don’t wear them at all, this last option may be the best for you. Using the jewelry's individual components, you can work with a jeweler to design an entirely new piece. For example, you could create a statement necklace using the pearls from your broken wedding necklace and the rubies from your late aunt’s bracelet. This way, you get to keep heirloom jewelry that holds sentimental value and turn it into something wearable.

If you prefer art to jewelry, check out local artisans to see who could create for you a custom art piece using the elements from your jewelry collection.

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